Green Cleaning

green_seal_logo1Thinking GREEN? Let PBM Help!

If you are looking to move toward an environmentally conscious building Personal Building Maintenance, Inc. (pbm) can keep you ahead with green products and procedures to create safer, healthier and more productive environments.

We evaluate each buildings unique needs, its occupants, cleaning chemicals, paper products, equipment and procedures, and customize a program that best suits your facility.

As sustainability moves toward the forefront of facility concerns, we can help whether it is simply transitioning your facility to green cleaning chemicals or helping you get a certification.

We offer green cleaning products and equipment that are Green Sealed Approved, recycling programs, and touchless fixtures to get you started.

Whatever course you choose, there are simple steps you can take to decrease pollutants spreading throughout your facility and to promote better indoor air quality. Green cleaning provides benefits to businesses, building, occupants, and the environment.

What are some Benefits:

  • Improve Air Quality
  • Healthy Environments Increase productivity
  • Reduce Water and Air Pollution
  • Reduce Workers Sick Days
  • Reduce Waste by Recycling
  • Conserve Natural Resources
  • Nontoxic Chemicals – Environmentally Safe